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New full fibre network Zzoomm has launched to serve towns and suburbs led by fibre infrastructure veteran Matthew Hare. Zzoomm will build and operate new full fibre infrastructure across the UK, delivering high quality broadband to homes and businesses which are currently only served by copper infrastructure.


Zzoomm was founded by Matthew Hare, Chief Executive, in December 2018, to bring full fibre to homes and businesses across the UK.

for you

Zzoomm sets you free to work, play and learn in the way and at the pace you want. Zzoomm does this by running a full fibre connection right into your home or business. This lets you choose the performance, the speed, that suits you and what you, your family and colleagues want to do with the Zzoomm connection.


Oxford, 25 April 2019 - Zzoomm has assembled and powered up a full end-to-end test of our new 10G access network. Working with Adtran customer engineering, the Zzoomm team have built the test bed to simulate our new full fibre network.

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