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Zzoomm for you

Zzoomm sets you free to work, play and learn in the way and at the pace you want. Zzoomm does this by running a full fibre connection right into your home or business. This lets you choose the performance, the speed, that suits you and what you, your family and colleagues want to do with the Zzoomm connection.

The performance of your Zzoomm service is not limited by the distance of your property from the network operator’s equipment. Every home and business on the network can choose the speed that suits them, and change the speed when their circumstances change.

Zzoomm can deliver excellent performance because we are designing, building and operating a new full fibre network, where the fibre runs all the way into the property. Zzoomm is building out this FTTP (fibre to the premises) network in towns and suburban areas across the UK where there is no existing access to a full fibre network.

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